Anasazi Racing

by Elisabeth Wilborn on August 8, 2011


Must be suffering wanderlust because both this and the post on my other blog follow brave souls who dare take the road — erm, ocean — less traveled.

I so admire people who are not afraid to live their lives boldly.  It gets more difficult to follow your dreams after children.  Priorities shift, things change.  James Burwick and Somira Sao let nothing stand in their way of their dream, and took a calculated risk when they took their wee children, Tormentina, 3, and Raivo, 9 months, on a transatlantic voyage via sail boat.  After having set sail from Portland, Maine, they just finished a 21-day-trek across the Atlantic Ocean.  To find out more about their trip and the journey ahead, follow Anasazi Racing.


All images via Anasazi Racing.



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